87 Amazing Among Us Coloring Pages -Free

Here’s the best collection of amazing Among Us coloring pages that are free to download and print. These pages are perfect for kids of all ages and even a few good ones for adults.

Coloring is such a fun way to spend your time while being creative. 

You will find free coloring sheets of Among Us characters from the game, including superheroes, anime characters and all the adorable crewmates.

Among Us Coloring Pages for Free

There’s even a section with Christmas Among Us coloring sheets.

Scroll through below to choose your favorite Among Us coloring pages to get started!

Among Us Coloring Pages for Free

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Among Us is a space-themed, online multiplayer game, by Inner Sloth. The customizable characters are each named a color and have different traits, but each is a suspect, don’t be fooled!

Crewmates are sent on a mission and during the mission, the goal is to identify the imposter who is trying to sabotage the mission.

Dressing up in different skins (or costumes) can be a good strategy to help each other, or it can always be an imposter.

87 Amazing Among Us Coloring Pages -Free

The best collection of awesome Among Us coloring pages from the video game. Choose your favorite role and skin and color away with these free coloring sheets.

Super Hero Among Us Coloring Pages

Anime Among Us Coloring Pages And Cartoons

Among Us Coloring Pages Signs With Words

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Among Us Coloring Pages for Free

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