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Beginner’s Guide To Concrete

This ebook is your guide to everything you need to know to make concrete crafts, from start to finish. 

The eBook includes:

  • Includes information on concrete and cement mixes and why some mixes work for some projects but won’t work for others
  • Mixing ratios, recipes and consistencies 
  • Essential supplies and time-saving tools
  • Basic skills for concrete-making
  • How to utilize additives (retardants, etc.)
  • Vibrating, sealing, sanding
  • How to properly cure your concrete
  • Time-saving tricks
  • Mold materials you can use and for which projects
  • Techniques for using various pigments with concrete
  • Making molds using silicone
  • Building your own molds
  • How to solve problems and reduce failures

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Beginners Guide ebook cover

And get the Concrete Starter Kit included

The kit includes:

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Troubleshooting
  • 11 (common North American) Mixes Reference Chart
  • 6 Sealers Reference Chart

Price $5

These are digital products in a PDF format. They will be sent via email download. If you’d like, you can have them printed and spiral bound at most office supply stores.

One-time only Sale

45% Off

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