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DIY Cement Grinch Wall Tile Decoration

DIY Cement Grinch Decor by fireplace



The grinch diy cement
Don’t forget to pin it for later!


I even made a Grinch lit up string art tutorial last year. And here’s a Grinch ornament made with clay!

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This tutorial is broken down into two parts. Part I is the cement tile phase, Part II is the resin phase.

Part II

materials DIY cement grinch
resin materials

Before starting the tutorial, it may be helpful to read my article comparing the different concrete mixes and sealers– Cement & Concrete Crafts Tests!

Another important article is Making Cement Crafts Techniques & Tips with info on cement materials, mixture consistencies, demolding, safety and clean up!

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Printable of DIY Cement Grinch Decor

Get the design download…

image taped to mat

grinch printable with blue tape frame

corrugated plastic with ruler

4 pieces of corrugated plastic strips

grinch with plastic wall mold

grinch with glue and plastic wall mold

diy cement grinch decor frame

diy grinch cement decor color in bowl

cement grinch mix

hole in cement tile

demoed diy cement tile

diy cement grinch decor tile raw

grinch printable and graphite paper

grinch decor over tile

trace grinch cement tile

the grinch

the grinch decor with tape on it

Part II

resin color and epoxy and sticks

resin in cup

epoxy resin with hardener

If you had to remix one of the “custom” colors, it would be more difficult trying to get an exact match to the existing color.

DIY Cement Grinch Decor painted with green

DIY grinch tile with resin

painted resin grinch diy with tape

It’s only when the resin drips on the raw cement areas you are not painting that it becomes a hassle, which is why covering those areas with the tape helps.

DIY Cement Grinch Decor with paint marker

Grinch Tile On Mantle

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

The grinch diy cement

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  1. Its concrete! Cement is the gray, very fine powder that goes into making concrete. The two are very different substances. You made concrete. Not cement.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I used Cementall brand cement and this brand’s color is an off-white powder. I added a grey pigment because I didn’t love the way The Grinch was turning out on the lighter color. There’s no extra aggregate in the mix, just straight cement.

      1. Nice job Ellen! It’s a real shame that you take the time to make this wonderful tutorial and the only comment you receive is from that troll, Karen. No aggregate=no concrete. Thanks for taking the time to show us how to do this.

  2. Really love how this turns out. I gonna try this for sure. Only with an other print. I’m more of dogs as the grin h.
    Thank you for making this tutorial.