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31 Cute Puppy Coloring Pages for Free

Here are 31 unique puppy coloring pages, and they are all for free. And who doesn’t love puppies?

Puppies are so cute and cuddly that it’s hard not to smile when you see one.

Coloring pages are a fun activity for kids of all ages.

They are great for rainy days, waiting at the doctor’s office, or any time you need a little break. 

Plus, there are educational benefits to these puppy coloring pages, such as helping kids learn to identify different colors and how to mix them together to create new colors.

It will also help them improve their fine motor skills.

So go ahead and choose some free printable puppy coloring pages today. Your kids will thank you for it!

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A happy young girl with pigtails playing with her sweet little poodle.

A happy puppy sits outside with his tail wagging waiting for his owner to play.

An adorable puppy is ready to enjoy his dinner!

Fun Fact
Puppies are born without most of their senses fully developed. Hence, a puppy’s mother needs to lick and touch them immediately.

This helps stimulate their sense of touch, their first sense to develop.

This playful pup looks like he is ready to enjoy a sunny day outside.

A darling puppy with a mischievous look on his face. He is ready to get into a little trouble!

This beautiful Cocker Spaniel is waiting patiently for her food.

A wide-eyed Beagle wags his tail waiting to go out to play.

This puppy has the cutest look on her face, saying, “come play with me”!

Fun Fact
Puppies actually lose their first set of teeth just like kids!

A puppy will get adult teeth at about 4 months of age. Do you think the tooth fairy comes??

Waiting patiently for his master to bring him for his walk.

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This cute little puppy has his paw up and his tongue wagging as he plays outside by his dog house.

This Great Dane is a ball of energy as he runs around at the dog park!

Did you know a Great Dane can take up to 2 years to be fully grown!

A cute puppy with an eye ring, rolls playfully on its back.

A beautiful Dachshund has his ball in his mouth hoping to play with friends.

Fun Fact
Most puppies are not considered adults until they are at least a year old. Although small dogs like Chihuahuas will mature at 9 or 10 months old.

How cute is this puppy all decked out with a pretty bow in her hair?

She looks very proud of herself, doesn’t she?

This puppy is enjoying his afternoon treat with a bone in his mouth and a fresh water bowl waiting for him.

Dogs love to run in an open field. Look at how happy this dog looks enjoying a fun afternoon in the sun!

Doesn’t this puppy look like he is up to no good? He is definitely ready to cause a little trouble! 

This little guy is the cutest Chihuahua standing tall and proud in his dog bed.

Fun Fact
Dalmations are famous for their spots. But did you know that they are not born with spots? They don’t develop until they are about 2-3 weeks old!

A gorgeous dog playing frisbee in the park with his owner. He looks so happy!

This adorable puppy is ready to play ball with his friends.

This thirsty doggy gets himself a big sip of water from his bowl.

A large dog waits by his dog house for his water bowl to be refilled on a hot summer day.

Fun Fact
OK, this one is going to surprise you! Did you know that puppies can actually be born green? It’s true!

Although the color will not stay. It may only last a couple of weeks. Vets think it may be caused by a green bile pigment.

This pretty little puppy is enjoying her lunch.

This dog looks like he should be on stage! He has a happy smile and is ready to cuddle.

Bath time! This sweet puppy is giving himself a little bath after lunch.

The most adorable puppy playing outside with her dog toys.

A sweet fluffy dog cleans her paws.

Kids will be so happy to wake up to this Christmas present!

Fun Fact
If a puppy grows according to plan, it should double its birth weight after the first week of life. Can you imagine doubling in size in just a week?!

A playful dog with his Christmas hat on has a Christmas present for his owner!

This tiny little puppy is all tuckered out in her Santa cap after a busy day of celebrating the holiday.

Here is a happy dog wagging his tail ready to show you his Christmas gift.

A regal German Shepherd enjoying an afternoon walk with his owner. He looks so happy to be outside!

Yorkshire Terriers are so pretty, especially this one with the tiny bow in her hair and her own fun pet carrier.

This loyal Golden Retriever enjoys his dog bone and water after a quick morning walk, and they make such cute puppies.

This nicely groomed puppy has a pretty ribbon on top of her head.

A puppy and a bird have a nice conversation.

A spotted puppy dog and a snail bond together.

This sad puppy dreams about his bone treats.

Someone opens a package and pulls out an adorable puppy for a present! Now that’s my kind of gift!

Fun Fact
The Guinness Book of World Records recorded that the largest litter of puppies born at one time was 24 to a Neopolitan Mastiff.

That’s a lot of pups to keep track of!

But, did you know there are about 3 times as many puppies born as babies?

That means there are about 1.2 million pups compared to 360,000 babies. 

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