Need some extra help? Learn everything you need to know about concrete in my 60 page eBook!

The Ultimate Guide To Concrete Crafts Mixes and Sealers

Plus tips, tricks and more!

This 60 page ebook is full of information and resources and has everything you need to help make working with concrete easier. This comprehensive guide will set you up for quickly understanding which mix and sealer are best for your project. In addition to so much more!

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This book will help you, if you — 

  • are just getting started and don’t want to waste money buying the wrong bag or sealer
  • have a big or different type of project coming up and don’t know what mix to buy
  • need a sealer, but don’t want to waste $20-30 on a sealer that doesn’t seal
  • have problems with the cement cracking BEFORE it has even cured
  • have problems of cement cracking after it cures
  • have problems with your cement crumbling when you remove it from the mold
  • want to know why your grey mix turned brown
  • want money saving tips when working with cement crafts
  • want to sell cement crafts, but need to find an economical concrete mix and sealer

Please note, this is a digital product sent via email download. If you want, you can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores for around $4.

“This is a labour of love!”

“It was very informative and put together well. I am definitely going to be trying that tutorial!”

“Your e-book is awesome! I finished going through it last night and I love it.”

“Super comprehensive as the name suggests-“

Included In This Book
  • 11 mixes tested!
  • Understand how the mix works, ease of use, color and texture
  • Recommendations for best uses for mix
  • 6 sealers tested!
  • Troubleshooting answers
  • Tips and tricks
  • A super cool bonus tutorial
  • Enhanced Pocket Guide To 11 Mixes
  • Pocket Guide to Sealers (6!)
  • Glossary of common terms