50 Easy Ideas For Painting Clay Pots

Transform Your Plain Terracotta And Clay Pots Into Pretty Ones You Can Display With Paint.

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I’ve gathered over 50 amazing painting clay pots ideas that come with tutorials so you can turn your pots into beautiful decorative pieces.

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If you love quotes, then you'll love these super cute planters. They'll cheer you up with a funny saying and their bright colors.

Easy DIY Painted Flower Pots For Kids To Make

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Make a terracotta pot design that looks like it was store-bought. These geometric shapes are easy to make using a common material.

Paint Your Own Black And White Flower Pots | Planters

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Beautiful Aged Terracotta Pot Paint Makeover Painting terracotta to look aged really is an excellent way to makeover a pot. This one came out very pretty, and it looks shabby chic.

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"Aged Pottery" DIY With Paint & Terracotta Pots Here’s a way to save big bucks on your home decor. This DIY’er figured out a way to mimic high-budget pots and create an amazing texture –for cheap.

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How To Decoupage With Napkins To Make Beautiful Garden Pots You can make such pretty pots using napkins! Using decorative napkins to dress up your pots is a great idea. Just be sure to have plenty of Mod Podge on hand.

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