Choosing Mold Types for Concrete Crafts: Best Materials

What can you use for concrete molds for crafts? Learn the benefits of using different mold types to help you choose the best one for your project.

The world of concrete crafts-making can be complicated, so it’s important to understand which projects require certain concrete mold materials.

Baking Molds

The molds that are made from silicone will function just like a silicone mold made for resin and concrete.

Candy-Making Molds

These are also the same as baking molds. If it’s silicone and it’s labeled for candy or chocolates, but it works for your project- then go for it.

Plastic Containers as Molds for Cement

Any leftover container from food or beverages. Bowls, cups, Tupperware, sour cream, yogurt, leftover takeout containers from restaurants.

Balloons as Molds

Balloons are an incredible tool to use as a cement mold.

Plastic Balls as Molds

You can cut open just about any type of plastic ball and use it as mold as I did with this Round Cement Christmas Candle and these cute little DIY Magnetic Cement Planters.

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