DIY Large Concrete Silicone Mold For A Planter

Here’s how to make your own large concrete silicone mold for a planter, or any type of vessel. 

– Silicone mold A and B – Cement – Foam insulation board – Hot glue

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Measure And Trace The Pieces For The Block Mold Form

The base of your block mold needs to be 1 ½” wider than the bowl. So first trace the bowl onto the foam board and then measure ¾” past the bowl on each side.

Step 2. Attach The Sides To The Base And Secure The Glass Bowl

Use hot glue (or 100% silicone caulk) to attach the sides to the base. Gluing it first will make it easier to work with when you go to tape it.

Step 3. Create A Hole For The Planter To Drain

To create a drainage hole, cut a jumbo drinking straw to about 2” taller than the inside height of the bowl. Then glue it to the center and take care that the straw is secure.

Step 4. Cast The Silicone For The Large Concrete Mold

Fill a measuring glass with water and let’s say it is a 32oz glass. Pour that into the pitcher and use a permanent marker to mark this on the pitcher.

Step 5. Demold The Bowl From The Large Concrete Silicone Mold

To remove the concrete silicone mold from the form, use a utility knife to cut through the taped areas and between the foam board pieces where it’s glued.

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