DIY Large Hypertufa Planter (Trough-shaped)

Make a lightweight large hypertufa planter in the shape of a trough. This DIY tutorial uses simple materials to make this amazing planter.

– Portland cement – All purpose sand – Perlite – Peat moss

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Cut The Insulation Boards To Size

First, mark the pieces that you will be cutting out.

Step 2. Temporarily Secure The Inner Trough Mold

Start with the inside mold pieces. Take the bottom piece and lay it on your table, then wrap one of the end pieces and long side pieces against it so the corners meet.

Step 3. Tape The Inner Planter Mold

Now use duct tape to tape this all together. As you do this, remove the pins before you tape, but only in the area you are taping.

Step 4. Make The Planter Drainage Holes

Cut three pieces of foam that are ½” x ½” and use hot glue to glue them to the bottom, spaced equally apart.

Step 5. Secure The Outer Trough Mold

Repeat the same steps as you did in Step 2 for the outer mold. Once you have the outer form taped, you will have the extra step of caulking the inside seams.

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