DIY Planter Box with Handmade Cement Tiles

How to make a wood planter box with 3D cement tiles with a modern style!

– Portland cement – All purpose sand – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Remove The Label

Use a sponge or a rag to first wet the label with water to soften it.

Step 2. Create The Form For Your 3D Mold

Using a jig saw or table saw, create the base for the mold by cutting your melamine board to 27 x 14”.

Step 3. Seal The Side Edges

The inside edges need to be caulked where they meet the base to prevent sand from getting underneath, but your longest side that is closest will be the side getting removed when you demold.

Step 4. Place And Level The 3D Panel

Measure and mark a line ½” up from the base on all inside sides of both forms. It will be easier if you mark a whole line across the sides, this is where you will stop the sand.

Step 5. Mix And Cast The Cement

Start by combining the sand and cement at a 2:1 ratio. You will only mix enough for one tile at a time.

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