Easy DIY Concrete Coasters With Fall Leaves

These handmade concrete coasters are the perfect way to accent your home decor for fall.

– Sand topping mix – Black colorant – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Find Leaves For Making The Concrete Imprint

Take a walk around your yard or neighborhood park and look for the smallest leaves you can find.

Step 2. Adhere The Leaves To The Concrete Mold

Start by placing the face (smooth side) of the leaves facing up on cardboard on either newspaper or old cardboard.

Step 3. Prepare The Concrete Mold For Casting

First, place your mold onto a flat surface that you can transport, like a rigid board.

Step 4. Mix And Cast The Cement Mixture

Add the dry concrete mix to the bowl and then add some black powdered pigment.

Step 5. Demold And Sand The DIY Concrete Coasters

Turn the mold upside down and then press each concrete coaster out of its cavity and then remove the leaves from inside the concrete.

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