Elegant DIY Concrete Candlestick Holders for Fall

These elegant DIY concrete candlestick holders for fall decor are a great way to decorate your fireplace mantle or table.

– Rapid set cement – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup – Durable nitrile gloves

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Turn The Water Bottle Into The Mold For The DIY Candlestick Holders

First, cut the bottle to size. You’ll want to utilize something to act as a straightedge to help you get a straight line.

Step 2. Make The Inner Mold For The Fall Candlestick Holder

Cut a piece of acetate sheet to 4” by 3” and roll it around the candle so that the 4” is the height.

Step 3. Cast The Fall Concrete Candlestick Holder Mold

Mix the concrete to a thick milkshake consistency and pour it into the water bottle.

Step 4. Remove The Fall Concrete Candlestick Holder From The Bottle

Demold the candlestick holders by using a heat gun to release the plastic from the cement.

Step 5. Decorate The Fall Candlestick Holder

Start by putting some water into a cup and dab a little bit of paint onto a paint tray, or lid of a plastic food container.

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