How to Make a Flagstone Walkway in Your Lawn

A flagstone walkway is a great way to add charm to outdoor space while being very functional. It’s perfect for a garden path or to connect you to different spaces throughout your yard.

– Bow rake – Shovel – Garden cart

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Remove The Sod Layer

First, use a shovel to remove the top layer of the grass throughout the entire area. Going deep enough to lift the roots and weeds is essential.

Step 2. Loosen The Soil And Lightly Level The Ground

If you are working with dirt that is very dry, heavy packed, and/or rocky like mine, then you should dampen the area before proceeding.

Step 3. Create The Flagstone Walkway Layout

The first step is to decide the overall shape of the path. Consider whether it will have straight edges or some natural curves.

Step 4. Set The Flagstones In Place

With the layout final, set the flagstones into position.

For the moss, the ground should be slightly damp but not wet, like it was for you to set the stones.

Step 5. Plant The Moss Pieces Between The Flagstones

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