Homemade Cement Bird Bath

Use a Dollar Store bowl to make a brightly colored cement bird bath.

– Cement all, rapid set – Disposable plastic bowl – Plastic cup – Disposable measuring cup

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Mix Cement

The first step in making this homemade cement bird bath is to mix the cement. In a disposable bowl, use the disposable cup and measuring cup to add cement and water.

Step 2. Add Mix To Mold

Pour the cement mix into the mold. If you are using this same chip dip- petal shaped mould, then make sure to pour enough to cover the inner rims.

Step 3. Cap The Mold

Take the other mold and place it on top of the cement so that you create a sunken impression.

Step 4. De-Mold The Homemade Bird Bath

Remove the top piece of the plastic mold and place the second mould that has the cement in it on something soft like a towel and turn it upside down.

Step 5. Sand The Cement

Flip the bird bath back over and use the sanding block to sand away any sharp edges or lines you have.

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