How To Compost Cardboard: Our Best Tips

Cardboard boxes are a common sight in most homes, whether they are used for online orders, bulk purchases, or moving.

While recycling or reusing them is always a good option, you can use them in your compost pile if you have one or plan to start one.

Here is a guide on how to compost cardboard.

Step 1. Dampen And Shred Your Cardboard

First, before adding cardboard to your compost heap, remove any plastic tape, labels, or other inorganic materials. Then, wet your cardboard.

Step 2. Create A Brown Base With Your Cardboard

Add brown materials to the pile, such as dead leaves, straw, etc. Next, dampen the compost pile by sprinkling or misting it with water.

Step 3. Add Green Layers To Your Pile

On top of your brown organic materials, place a four inch layer of green materials. Green, or nitrogen-rich materials, include fresh grass clippings, food waste, etc.

Step 4. Turn Your Compost Regularly

Turn your compost pile every five days with a pitchfork to speed up decomposition.

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