How To Make A Silicone Sphere Mold For a Round Cement Planter

I thought making a silicone sphere mold was going to be really tricky, time consuming. I was wrong, completely wrong, and that makes me so happy!!!

– Glass sphere – Artificial flower stem – Hot glue – Glue gun

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Secure The Flowers To The Object You Are Replicating

First, use hot glue to secure the artificial flower to the side of the glass sphere.

Step 2. Prepare The Container For The Mold Material

Consider how wide you want the opening to be for the planter. You’re going to press clay into the bottom of the container and then make a cut-out for it.

Step 3. Create The Drainage Hole In The DIY Sphere Mold

Now take a straw and cut it to about 1 ½” long. Place a little bit of clay in one end to plug the hole. 

Step 4. Cast The Round Silicone Mold

First, take a marker and mark a line onto the container that is about ½” from the top of the sphere. This will be where you stop pouring the silicone.

Step 5. Demold The Sphere From The Silicone

Let this cure for 30 minutes. Check back in 30 minutes and if it is dry and bouncy when you press on it, then it is safe to remove the silicone mold from the container.

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