How To Make Concrete Planters: The Ultimate Guide!

How to make concrete planters and everything you need to know for making planters at home.

– Cement, rapid set – Nitrile gloves – Safety glasses – Safety mask

Materials Needed:

Step 1

First, you will choose a mold for your planter. Make sure the molds allow for ¼” of space on each side and the bottom when placed inside each other.

Step 2

To make the drainage hole for the concrete planter, take a piece of a drinking straw that's about ¼” high and use hot glue to glue to the bottom of the container.

Step 3

Mix the concrete to a thick milkshake consistency and then pour the concrete into the mold.

Step 4

Vibrate the outer mold by tapping the sides of the mold and carefully tapping it on your work surface.

Let the concrete cure for the length listed on the bag of mix.

Step 5

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