How to Seal a Concrete Planter (And When You Shouldn’t)

Does a concrete pot need to be sealed? There are important reasons why you should not seal one and reasons that you should.

– Concrete planter – Concrete sealer – Foam brush

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Prep The Workspace And Planter

Wipe the planter down with a lint free cloth to remove any dirt or cement dust.

Step 2. Apply The Sealer To The Outside Of The Pot

Shake the bottle of concrete sealer and then apply the first coat of sealer starting at the top of the planter bottom.

Step 3. Spray The Sealant To The Inside Of The Concrete Planter

If the planter is dry to the touch and not tacky, then you can apply the first coat to the inside of the pot.

Step 4. Spray A Second Coat For Added Protection

After an hour, you will repeat Step 2 and Step 3.

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