Make a Fluted Concrete Planter (Using Straws)

Make your own fluted concrete planter using big straws. This gorgeous DIY planter was made using such simple materials.

– Cement – Straws – Cardboard tubes – Safety equipment

Materials Needed:

Step 1 | Trim The Straws To Fit Your Form For The Outer Mold

Cut the jumbo straws in half, which should make them 4 ½” long.

Step 2 | Glue The Straws To Each Other

Use the whiskey container for support and glue the jumbo straws around the tube.

Step 3 | Make The Base For The Fluted Concrete Planter

Cut a piece of acetate 6×6”  and tape it to a tile that’s a little larger. This will be the base of your mold.

Step 4 | Cut The Inner Concrete Mold To Size

Cut the height of the inner cardboard tube to about ¼-½” shorter than your shortest straw. This will create a bottom thickness of ¼ -½”.

Step 5 | Secure The Concrete Fluted Planter Molds To The Base

Glue the inner mold to the center of the acetate base that you marked.

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