Make A Large DIY Concrete Bowl

Here’s a large DIY concrete bowl that’s both inexpensive and pretty easy to make.

– Portland cement – Muti-purpose sand – Large flexible bowls

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Prepare The Molds

For the outer mold, I placed two bowls inside of each other because they were so flexible.

Step 2. Mix A 2:1 Ratio Of Cement To Sand

The reason is that this is a large concrete bowl that has thick walls and a thick bottom. Using a higher proportion of sand will give it added durability.

Step 3. Cast The Large Concrete Bowl

Once each cement mixture is the consistency of a wet mud pie, pour them both into the large outer bowl mold and then mix them together.

Step 4. Demold The DIY Concrete Bowl

Once the large concrete bowl has cured, remove it from the mold.

Step 5. Clean Up The Edges

The top edge of the concrete bowl is probably a bit rough, so go ahead and sand it. I sanded both the flat edge and the sharper corners of the edges.

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