Make a Mosaic Stepping Stone: Fun DIY Garden Art!

Looking for a little garden art to add some pizzazz to your yard? Or maybe you want to memorialize a pet? Well, a DIY mosaic stepping stone is perfect for doing both.

– Sand topping mix – Mosaic glass tiles – Aluminum pizza pan – Baking spatula

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Prep The Contact Paper

First, trace the bottom, outside of the pan onto a piece of contact paper and cut the circle out.

Step 2. Create The Mosaic Stepping Stone Design

First, separate the tiles into color groups.

Step 3. Secure The DIY Mosaic Stepping Stone Pattern To The Adhesive Paper

Take the contact paper out that you cut. If it is still curling on you, then roll it in the opposite direction and then let it unroll and do that a few times.

Step 4. Prep The Pan For The Thin Set Mortar And Concrete

Cut pieces about 6 inches long and tape the sides, ensuring you meet the bottom corner and get close to the top.

First, put on your protective gloves. Then add about 2 ½ to 3 cups of the thinset mortar to a large bowl, and mix the water in.

Step 5. Apply The Mortar Mix

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