Stepping Stones Guide: Buy Or DIY?

Here’s what you need to know about stepping stones to help you decide whether to buy or DIY.

I’ve put together this guide to help you decide which is best for you, as well as help you brainstorm some ideas- should you choose to make them.

What Are Stepping Stones?

Traditionally, a stepping stone is any piece of stone that is laid out as a path or a walkway. The term stepping stones has come to encompass any material, not just stone.

Should You Buy Or DIY Stepping Stones?

When making a decision, you need to consider cost, difficulty and time.

Physical Factors To Consider When Deciding Whether To Install Your Own Stepping Stones

If you make your own, keep in mind that concrete is quite heavy, but you can help yourself out and by using a wheelbarrow.

Time Factors For DIY’ing Your Own Stepping Stones

Time is a consideration when deciding if you should make and install or just install your own stepping path.

How To Make Pavers Or Stepping Stones

When making your own stepping stones or pavers, the material you will want to use is concrete.

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