The Best Mix For Concrete Projects

I’m going to explain how to determine which concrete mix is best for your concrete crafts and DIY project.

There are some key things to consider that will help you understand when to use which mix.

Best Mix Choices For Concrete Molds With Narrow Voids

A mold like this will require a dense, strong mix that can also be fluid without requiring adding too much water. That’s why I used RapidSet’s CementAll.

Mix Choices For Planters With Wide Mold Cavities Smaller In Size

I wanted a white base to start with and since the goal of the project was to dye it with a fabric dye so I went with Glass Block Mortar Mix.

Best Concrete Mixes For Thick Structural Applications

Quikrete’s Fast Set Concrete Mix and RapidSet’s Concrete Mix, both with larger gravel- are great products for this.

The Best Concrete Mix For DIY Stepping Stones

I didn’t want to work with a mix that was going to have a quick setting time, since these stepping stones were so large. So I used Quikrete’s Sand Topping Mix.

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