Vibrant Dyed Concrete Planter

Make a vibrant, dyed concrete planter. Using a white mix and special, inexpensive dye, you can create brightly colored concrete crafts.

– White mortar mix – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup – Durable nitrile gloves

Materials Needed:

Step 1.  Prep The Outer Planter Mold

First cut off the bottom of the plastic pot.  After cutting out the bottom, it was quite easy to trim the lip away.

Step 2. Cut The Inner Concrete Mold To Size

Measure the height and mark this in 3 locations around the tube. Cut a piece of aluminum flashing that’s a couple of inches wide by about 14” long.

Step 3. Make A Base For The Mold To Sit On

Take a piece of acetate that is a few inches bigger than the outer mold, and tape it to a flat board, or a tile- which I like to use since I know it’s not warped.

Step 4. Secure The Molds To The Base

To secure the molds to the base, you will use hot glue, so go ahead and heat up your glue gun.

Step 5. Make A Drainage Hole For The Planter

Warm up the heat tool and when it’s hot (usually within less than a minute), press the tool into the center of the acetate lid.

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