What To Do With Perennials In The Fall

Fall is not only a more enjoyable time to spend outdoors but also a good time to work on your perennial plants.

Here’s a look at which perennials fall under which category, the best time, and how to cut back perennials.

When To Cut Back Perennials

You don’t have to pull out the clippers at the first frost or sign of cooler weather. Wait until there have been a few hard frosts, especially those frost-sensitive plants.

How To Cut Back Perennials

Once you’ve had several hard frosts, remove spent flowers and old stems by cutting the stems off near the base of the plant.

Perennials To Cut Back In The Fall

Phlox and bee balm are prone to powdery mildew, so it is best to cut them back once the flowers finish.

Perennials To Wait To Cut Back

Ornamental grasses can be left to add height and interest to your landscape. It also protects small animals through the winter.

What To Do In Your Perennial Garden In The Fall

- Clean Up Garden Debris And    Dead Foliage - Don’t Fertilize Perennials - Weed Before The Freeze

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