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Wine Bottle Wall Vase Decor (Quick DIY)

Learn how to make a beautiful blue wall mounted wine bottle vase for your home.

What was the inspiration for this DIY wine bottle wall vase? At Christmastime, we were getting a tree, and the store we got it from had small pallets behind it.

wine bottle as wall sconce

We asked if we could take a couple and they were happy to give them to us to not have to deal with them.

I can’t even remember which project I used it for, but I still had one nice piece left.

wine bottle on wall with flowers

It seemed perfect for a backplate for a wine bottle wall vase, which is inspired by this one from Shanty Chic and thought I’d give making that a try using a pretty blue wine bottle I had.

Doesn’t it look great next to the fireplace surround?

If you’re planning on doing a fireplace remodel anytime soon, you may want to check out these 37 amazing ideas for fireplace makeovers.

wine bottle on wall as vase

This was one of the easier projects to make.

What Not To Do:

Don’t use a bottle with a wider neck. It won’t fit properly into the collar.

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 DIY Difficulty Level | Easy

Materials For Making Wine Bottle Wall Decor


  • Hack saw (for the rod)
  • Miter saw (if you prefer, for the wood) or hack saw
  • Sandpaper or orbital sander
  • 1/8″ Drill bit
Materials for DIY wine vase wall decor.

Wine Bottle Wine Vase Decor Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Remove The Wine Labels

soak wine bottle

Remove the wine labels first. They might need to soak for 24 hours since some types of labels come off much more easily than others.

Fill a tub or bucket with warm water, and out the wine bottle in it.

Let it soak a few hours and try peeling it off. If it doesn’t come off cleanly, your better bet is to let it sit overnight.

Warm up the water a couple of times if you can.

Note: For our wedding, which you can read about here, we needed to remove the labels from 24 wine bottles.

I tried just about every method and each had varying degrees of success.

There were some bottles where the label peeled off after just being dampened, so it really will depend on the brand and the type of adhesive and paper used.

As it turned out, a good old-fashioned soaking in warm water worked the best.

remove bottle label

After soaking, if some of the paper and all the glue still remain on the bottle, just run it under hot water and rub it gently with the stainless pad.

If you still have glue residue, then use something oily like baby oil.

Step 2. Trim The Pallet Wood To Size

Using a miter saw or hack saw, cut the wood “backplate” to size if needed to 5 1/4″ x 19″.

Step 3. Sand and Stain The Wood

Sand the wood. Stain, if you would like (I kept mine natural).

Hint: If you use reclaimed wood and you trim it to size, your edges will be a different color.

I used a tea and vinegar stain I had made a year prior in order to get the edges to look aged like the rest of the wood.

Step 4. Paint The Hanging Hardware

copper hardware for wall vase

Lightly spray paint the ceiling plate, collar and threaded rod.

To make painting the rod easier, stick the rod in the ground, and spray the top 3 or 4 inches. I didn’t do this, as you can see from the photos.

Step 5. Trim The Rod

metal rod being cut with saw

Once the paint has dried, use a hack saw, cut the threaded rod to 2 1/2″. If you have sawhorses use them, we should have used ours.

Step 6. Mark Back Hardware Location For Hanging Vase

wine bottle with wood and all hardware needed
Marking location of hardware wine vase decor

To turn it into a wine bottle wall vase, flip the wood over to its backside and place your hanger bracket 2-3″ from the top, and nail into place using the nails that came with it.

Be sure to center the bracket.

Step 7. Locate Position To Hang Wine Vase

wine bottle with hardware around neck and tape measuring height from bottom

Determining overall placement: Thread the rod into the collar ring and put the ring around the neck of the bottle.

Stand the bottle upright and measure from the bottom, to the center of where the rod comes out from the collar. Mine was 11 3/8″.

Decide where you want your wine vase to sit on the wood backplate.

I set mine low so that the flowers I would use in the wine bottle vase are mostly within the wood sconce’s backplate.

Step 8. Locate The Center Of The Wine Bottle Vase

pallet wood with ruler measuring center

Now take that 11 3/8″ measurement (or whatever yours is) and mark that onto the wood with a pencil. The top mark is where your ceiling hanger will be.

Put the center of your ceiling plate over that center mark. Use a T-Square to make sure it is level and mark the 2 outside holes.

Step 9. Attach Plate To Pallet Wood

ceiling plate and wood and drill

Fastening the ceiling hanger hardware. Carefully drill a pilot hole in the 2 outside holes only, using the 1/8″ bit. Now screw your plate to the wood, using the drill.

Step 10. Fasten Wine Bottle Wall Vase

collar of hardware for wine bottle vase
bottle inserted into collar of hardware for wine bottle vase

Thread the rod and collar and attach it to the ceiling plate.

Step 11. Secure The Wine Bottle Wall Vase Neck

gap at neck of bottle

Insert the neck of the bottle into the collar, and hand-tighten the collar screws and then mark this location. This is where the collar ring will hold the bottle’s neck.

wine bottle with hardware around neck

You’ll be able to see there are some gaps between the collar and the wine bottle vase neck.

Remove the bottle and use the hot glue gun on the bottle’s neck to build up the space a bit so the collar can grab it. This will significantly reduce the chance of slippage (I said it, :0}).

Loosen the collar screws enough to slide the neck of the wine bottle back into the collar and gently tighten with the screwdriver.

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And another tutorial with a wine bottle has DIY fairy lights with a wine bottle and cement for outdoor patio lighting.

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Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

step for making wine bottle vase
wine bottle vase

Wine Bottle Wall Vase Decor

Grab your bottle of wine! How to make a wall vase from a wine bottle. An easy tutorial on how to make this fabulous decor for your home.

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Easy


  • Pallet wood
  • Water based stain
  • Wine Bottle


  • Please see the full list of materials above the tutorial.


  1. Remove The Labels From The Wine Bottle
  2. Cut The Pallet Wood To Size
  3. Sand And Stain The Pallet Wood
  4. Paint The Hanging Hardware With Copper Spray Paint
  5. Trim The Rod Hardware For The Neck
  6. Mark The Hardware Location On The Back
  7. Locate The Placement Of The Wine Bottle Vase
  8. Find The Center Point For The Wine Vase
  9. Attach The Hanging Plate To The Pallet Wood
  10. Connect The Rod And Collar To The Ceiling Plate
  11. Secure The Wine Bottle To The Hanging Hardware

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