17 Perfect Outdoor Winter Plants for Pots

A cold climate is often seen as ‘down time’ in the garden or houseplant world, but there are many winter plants for pots that thrive outside and provide great options to upgrade your home this winter.

From evergreen foliage to vibrant flowers to vivid berries, the right outdoor winter plants for pots are a great way to create a lovely winter oasis that doesn’t require you to wait until early spring. 

Camellia Camellias are a popular plant in big spaces, but they also make good container plants.

The Perfect Winter Plants For Pots

They’re also known as wood violet or common violet. They bloom through cold weather and given proper care, they can also bloom in the summer months.

Viola Odorata (Sweet Violet)

Pansies Pansies are durable little plants and have the capability to survive freezing temperatures while also thriving in the summer.

Juniper Evergreen juniper boasts needle-shaped foliage and is tolerant to drought. They can grow as shrubs or in containers as column-shaped accents and therefore are good choices for a large container.

Erica Carnea (Springwood Pink) It is one of the best plants for the winter, requires low maintenance, and produces lovely pink and purple flowers in the winter months.

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