81 DIY Garden Crafts- Easy Tutorials!

A great way to get everyone outside is by making crafts and easy diy projects for your garden.

These are the best, easy garden crafts for garden lovers that everyone will enjoy making.

DIY Cork Garden Labels (That Won’t Fade)

Repurpose your wine corks and make these cute garden labels for your herbs. There’s a trick to getting the labels not to fade.

DIY Cute Painted Frog Rock

How adorable is this garden frog rock? It’s made with durable paint, so it holds up great outdoors in the garden.

DIY Flower Painted Rocks -Easy Tutorial

If it’s early in the season and your flowers aren’t blooming yet, you can make flower-painted rocks to cheer you up until those blossoms start popping.

Make A Cute Clay Gnome (With Air Dry Clay)

Clay gnomes are fun to place in your garden or in a flower pot and are fun to make.

How to Make a Concrete Gnome

Believe it or not, this adorable concrete gnome girl is easy to make. And she’ll bring you good fortune if you place her in your garden.

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