99 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts & Decor

Here are 99 fantastic tutorial ideas for do it yourself Dollar Tree Christmas crafts. Decorate your home for Christmas and make handmade holiday gifts while keeping within your budget.

Thanks to dollar stores, we have incredible low-cost ways to make amazing crafts and decor for Christmas. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to have beautiful decor. 

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts & Decor

Snow Covered Holiday Mason Jar – An Easy Christmas Craft

The rustic wire and reindeer silhouette design are such cute added elements.

Photo Credit: www.dailydiylife.com

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Christmas DIY

You'll never believe this rustic DIY holiday sign was made from a Dollar Tree pizza pan!

Photo Credit: www.themakersmap.com

A Memory Christmas Tree

It’s a DIY memory tree made with photos and other personal ornaments.

Photo Credit: justpaintitblog.com

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Photo Credit: 2beesinapod.com