Are Wood Chips Good For Compost (The Benefits)

Adding wood chips to your backyard compost heap can be very beneficial for it, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using this particular material.

Wood chips offer a valuable nutrient source for compost and are an excellent carbon source.

Adding Wood Chips To Compost Pros

- They enhance the fungal    component. - Better airflow. - Weed control. - Recycle material.

Adding Wood Chips To Compost Cons

- Slow to break down. - It can attract termites.

What Types Of Wood Chips Are Best For Composting?

In general, softwood is the best type of wood since it breaks down faster in the process.

What Wood Should Not Be Composted?

These include magnolia, eucalyptus, tree of Heaven and black walnut trees. The chemicals leach into the bare soil and potentially kill adjacent plants.

Tips For Adding Wood Chips To Compost

- Use smaller wood chips. - Let the chips rot first. - Increase your green materials. - Keep things moist.

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