The Best Concrete Molds: Buying Tips

How to know what are the best concrete silicone molds, and find where to buy them from.

You may be looking to purchase a reusable concrete silicone mold, especially if you are planning on selling concrete and cement planters or other concrete crafts.

What To Look For In A Silicone Concrete Mold

Mold Durability / Longevity

Durability means what’s the likelihood it will tear when trying to remove the concrete. Longevity means the length of time it will last before the silicone begins to tear.

Ease Of Demolding

A planter that is wider and shorter will be easier to demold than a tall and narrow one.

Mold Size

Triple check the size that is listed in the description. The molds usually look bigger in the photos than they actually are.

Concrete Mold Design Option Offerings

Some silicone mold shops offer mostly just the standard/typical planter shape and basic home accessory designs. Others have very unique planter molds, as well as unique accessories. 

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