25 Best Plants for Hanging Planters 

There’s something so appealing about lush hanging planters with trailing leaves and fragrant blooms!

However, not all plants thrive in this type of pot. Choosing only the best plants for hanging planters is important to ensure all your hard work pays off.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants

String of Pearls | Senecio rowleyanus

This is easily the cutest hanging plant on the list. This unusual succulent produces small green orbs that dangle from a vine.

Little Swiss Monstera | Monstera adansonii

Although the full-sized Monstera plant requires a bit more floor space, the Little Swiss Monstera is absolutely perfect for growing in a hanging basket.

Chenille Plant | Acalypha hispida

The chenille plant will look amazing used as an accent color and will add some texture to a space.

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