Cement Balloon Planters (Easy DIY!)

Learn to make these cement balloon planters the easy way, and that works! Use a balloon as your mold.

Materials For Making Cement Balloon Planters

7″ round balloons Cement All, Rapid Set – Mortar mix Durable nitrile gloves – Old wire mesh strainer with hooks – Disposable plastic mixing bowl

Cement Balloon Planter Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Inflate The Balloon

Inflate your balloon but keep in mind, the finished piece will end up being larger than the balloon because of the thickness of the cement.

Step 2. Set Up The Balloon

If you are using a mesh strainer, then take a mixing bowl and cover it in a plastic grocery bag to protect it.

Step 3. Mix The Cement

In the big disposable plastic bowl, pour in about 1/2 a cup of water. Add a little bit of cement and mix with your hands. Make sure you wear gloves!

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