Cement Egg Planters for Easter

A quick tutorial on how to cast these cute cement egg planters with drainage holes, using a real eggshell for the mold.

I know you are probably thinking these will be a nightmare to make. However, for the most part, these are very easy and quick.

- Cement All - Disposable Bowl - Disposable Cups - Nitrile Gloves - Grit Sanding Block

Materials For Making DIY Cement Egg Planters

DIY Cement Egg Planter Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Hollow The Eggs Start by hollowing out the eggs. It’s important to begin at the pointy end of the egg.

Step 2. Remove The Casing Take the rounded, flatter side of the egg and do the same. But be very careful, because you only want to crumble the pocket area of the shell and not break through yet.

Step 3. Lubricate The Egg Shells Spray the insides of the shells with cooking spray.

Step 4. Mix The Cement I use my gloved hands to mix the cement, but you can use craft sticks. You will want the mixture to have the consistency of a milkshake.

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