Decorative Easter Eggs with Yarn

My place could use a little color, and it would be nice to have some Easter decor to help me feel like spring is on the way. These were a lot of fun to make, but you will need a lot of patience.

It takes a good bit of time to do this project, longer than you would think. But I think it’s worth it. So join me in this Easter egg decorating foray!

- White Plastic Easter Eggs - E6000 Glue - Yarn - Floral Embellishments - Acrylic Paint

Materials For Making Decorative Easter Eggs

Decorative Easter Eggs Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Prep The Easter Eggs For Wrapping Roughen the plastic eggs all over with sandpaper so the yarn grabs better.

Step 2. Start The Yarn Next, add more glue in a circle around the end and place a toothpick on the yarn end, then wind the yarn around the toothpick once.

Step 3.  Wrap The Easter Egg Apply a thin layer of glue around the circumference of the egg and carefully wrap the yarn around.

Step 4. Continue Working Around The Egg Continue making your way around the egg. Note: It will get more difficult to wrap after you get past the bottom half.

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