DIY Clay Balloon Planter (Fun & Easy!)

Make a clay balloon planter with air dry clay instead of cement! This can be waterproofed and used outside.

– Air dry clay – Cement– rapid set – Shallow bowl or dish – Safety glasses

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Prep The Clay Balloon Planter Mold

Inflate the balloon to your desired size and tie the end. Use your hands to gently massage the balloon if you want it to be more round.

Step 2. Prepare The Air Dry Clay

First, knead the clay to warm it up and soften. Do this for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3. Mold The Air Dry Clay Around The Balloon Form

Place the clay carefully over the balloon. If the size is good, then leave it, or remove it and trim it to size.

Step 4. Remove The Air Dry Clay Folds

To remove the clay planter folds, take the clay and pull it together starting from the top of the fold, down to the end.

Step 5. Smooth The Clay

Create a paste with clay and water. Mix it together until it’s like toothpaste.

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