Pretty DIY  Concrete Coasters

Coordinate your outdoor table decor with a whole series of concrete floral DIY decor.

These DIY concrete coasters are simple to make with a sweet flower design and are the second in a series of outdoor patio decor.

- Quick Setting Cement - Disposable bowl - Disposable cup - Silica rated dust mask

DIY Coasters With A Flower Design Materials List

DIY Concrete Coasters With A Flower Design Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Create A Straight Edge Guide Start by cutting a piece of the flashing that is 2” x 18” using a craft knife or box cutter.

Step 2. Cut The Rings For The Concrete Coaster Mold Use a box cutter or craft knife with a fresh blade and then use the flashing as a straight edge and carefully score around the tube with the blade.

Step 3. Make A Base For The Coaster Molds And Secure Place a rigid board underneath the base. Tape the edges in place so you don’t get any curling. Now glue the outside edges of each ring.

Step 4. Mix And Cast The Concrete For The DIY Coasters Mix the concrete to a milkshake consistency and pour or scoop it into each ring. If the concrete flows over, use a flat trowel to smooth and level it.

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