Large DIY Concrete Mushroom Garden Art

Here’s a tutorial for a large, magical DIY concrete mushroom for your garden or yard. 

If you’ve ever shopped for a big (2 foot-high) concrete mushroom, you’ve probably seen prices of at least $200! Well, I have good news, you can make your own for  under $50.

- Disposable Cup - Permanent Marker - Blue Tape - Concrete Mix - Large Mixing Bin

DIY Concrete Mushroom Materials List

Tutorial Steps For Making A DIY Concrete Mushroom

Step 1. Prep The Tubes For The Base Of The Mushroom First, if there’s an attached bottom, remove it. For one tube, I could easily push it out from the inside. 

Step 2. Secure The Cardboard Tubes Glue the tube to a base. I used a tile because it is flat and easy to demold. Heat a glue gun, and then run a thick bead of glue around the tube to secure it.

Step 3. Mix The Concrete For The Mushroom Base Use a large mixing bin to mix the concrete. The consistency of the mix should be like crunchy peanut butter with a lot of extra peanuts added.

Step 4 . Prep The Mold For The Cap Of The Mushroom First, add the oil-based clay to the holes in the plastic bowl or dome. The opening where the holes start is a little recessed from the bottom.

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