DIY Driftwood Planter (From a Cedar Tree)

Make a DIY driftwood planter by re-purposing from nature.

– Cedar tree trunk – Assortment of succulents E6000 glue – Moss

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Choose The Wood For Your Driftwood Planter

Choose a piece of tree trunk that has broken off from a dead cedar tree or other.

Step 2. Prep The Cedar Driftwood

The trunk likely has insects in it, so the way to kill them is with heat. First, start by rinsing the dirt off the trunk.

Step 3. Determine The Locations For The Succulents

Mark out the locations where you want to place the succulents, using the pastel or chalk stick.

Step 4. Drill Shallow Grooves (If Necessary)

If you think you need some depth, then create some depth using a Dremel with a cutting bit and just hollow it out a little more in the areas you have marked for planting the succulents.

Step 5. Prep The Moss

Since dry moss is very brittle and difficult to manipulate, making it a little moist will allow you to work with it more easily.

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