Easy DIY Magnetic Cement Planters

Round DIY magnetic cement planters made from a plastic ball with an actual making time of only 15 minutes. Oh, what joy these DIY magnetic cement planters bring me!

In order for these little suckers to stay on your refrigerator or any other magnetic spot, you’ll need some really strong magnets for them to hold firmly on your refrigerator.

- Cement, Rapid Set - Plastic Bouncy Balls - Rare earth magnets - Paper towels

DIY Magnetic Cement Planter Materials List

DIY Magnetic Cement Planters Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Prepare Mold For Cement Cut the top off of the plastic ball with the X-acto knife by slicing it with the knife held horizontally, so it will be easier and neater cut.

Step 2. Make The Cement Mix Add the cement to your disposable bowl, and then add some water. Then, using either the craft sticks or your gloved hand, mix the cement.

Step 3. Spray Ball For A Matte Finish- *Optional If you want a matte appearance, then spray the inside of the ball with vegetable spray, let it drip out if it puddles up on the bottom.

Step 4. Apply Cement Inside The Mold Scoop up some cement mixture and put it into the ball. You’ll need enough so that the ball is half full.

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