Make a Pretty Outdoor Concrete Wall Tile

There are so many inexpensive ways you can decorate your outdoor living space. Concrete is one of the best materials for doing so.

This DIY outdoor concrete wall tile is the fourth in my flower design series.

- Sand Topping Mix - Disposable bowl - Disposable cup - Melamine board 13 x 13

Outdoor Concrete Wall Tile With Flowers Materials List

An Outdoor Concrete Wall Tile With Flowers Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Cut The Wood For The Concrete Tile Mold Use a table saw or circular saw to cut the melamine board to approximately 13 x 13”. 

Step 2. Fasten The Sides To The Base Place the 9” piece on the board so that it is straight. Use the brad nailer to secure this into place near each end.

Step 3. Lubricate The DIY Concrete Wall Tile Mold Use a rag and paste wax to lubricate the inside edges of the wood sides, and then caulk each piece on the inside.

Step 4. Create The Tile’s Hanging Holes Cut two pieces of straw and fill both ends with hot glue. Now use the paste wax to lubricate the whole straw, including the ends. 

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