DIY Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder (Guaranteed!)

Before You Start On Your Quest Of Making DIY Bird Feeders, Save Yourself Some Trouble And Make Them Squirrel Proof.

- Round HVAC duct pipe - Round duct caps - PVC pipe - Black pipe

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Cut The PVC

Make the following cuts from the 1″ pipe, using a miter saw. (4)  @ 2″ = D (1)  @ 3″ = C (2)  @ 12″  = G (2)  @ 17″ = F (2)  @ 20″ = E

Step 2. Assemble The Feeder Arms

• First, connect 2 of the D’s from the tee connector to 2 elbow connectors. • Next, connect the E’s from those elbows to the wye’s.

Step 3. Strengthen The Bird Feeder Station Arms

Use a rubber mallet to better secure the bird feeder arms by hammering each PVC piece and connector together.

Step 4. Dig The Post Hole

First, carefully lift and remove the first couple of inches of grass with the shovel and set aside to place back on top of the concrete when it’s dry and dig the hole 11″ deep.

Step 5. Sand The PVC

Keep the arm pieces assembled for this. First, you need to roughen the surface of the PVC, so start by sanding all over each of the PVC pieces except for piece B, where you will only need to sand the top and bottom 6″ or so.

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