DIY Geometric Wood Wall Art Circles

This large DIY geometric wood wall art is perfect for filling in a big space and warming up the room.

It makes a stunning statement with soft colors, warm wood tones, and 3D elements. I’ve got a big empty wall to work with and needed a piece of art to warm up our living room.

- Wood Circles - Painter’s Tape - T-square - Mechanical Pencil - Sample Paint Jars

DIY Geometric Wood Wall Art Materials List

How To Make Geometric Wood Wall Art Tutorial Steps

Step 1.  You’ll need to draw a straight line through the circle’s center. Use circles that aren’t part of your wood circle art and tape them.

Step 2.  Tear off a piece of blue tape for each circle to mask off the unpainted half. Ensure the tape is tight so the paint doesn’t bleed through.

Step 3.  Count the number of colors you have of each, place them in separate piles, and label them.

Step 4. Next, pour it into a liner and roll the paint onto each wood circle for that color. Take care not to get paint on the edges of the pieces.

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