DIY Hanging Grapevine Basket Planter

If you’re looking for a type of hanging basket planter you can make and want to use natural materials, then I’ve got a great tutorial for you.

A hanging planter is a great way to add plants to a small space. And the best thing about using grapevine is that it’s more appealing to look at than wire baskets.

- Grapevine - Pruning Shears - Gloves - 5 Gallon Bucket - Coco Liner

Materials List For A DIY Hanging Grapevine Basket Planter

DIY Hanging Grapevine Basket Planter Steps

Step 1. Cut The Support Pieces For The Grapevine Basket Planter The basket has support pieces and woven pieces. These support pieces keep the woven ones in place and are called spokes.

Step 2. Secure The Support Pieces With The Grapevine Lay the spokes on your work surface and separate them into two sets of three. Cross one set over the other set and center them so you have the same lengths on each side

Step 3. Make The Bottom Of The Basket Planter The pieces you weave now will become the bottom of the basket. So the width you wind before you create the walls will determine the width of the basket.

Step 4. Prep The Sides Of The Planter For Weaving Once you reach the width desired for the bottom, gently bend the spokes upward to form the side walls.

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