How To Make A Clay Mushroom –With Air Dry Clay

Here’s the perfect craft for mushroom lovers! I’ll take you through the easy steps to make a clay mushroom.

– Air dry clay – Clay sculpting tools – Flexible palette knife – Shallow dish

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Make The Stem Of The Mushroom

Take a chunk of clay and roll it into a sausage shape. Then, use your work surface to roll the clay between it and your hand to help get it smooth.

Step 2 . Make The Air Dry Clay Mushroom Cap

You can choose to place many fun mushroom cap shapes on top of your stem. For this step, I made a simple convex form.

Step 3. Attach The Mushroom Stem To The Cap

Use the carving tool to scoop some clay from the cap inside the middle.

Step 4. Make The Clay Mushroom Gills

Use the palette knife to mark lines from the stem to the edges of the cap’s underside.

Step 5. Sand Rough Spots Or Cracks

To make the mushroom smooth and crack-free, use high-grit sandpaper and carefully sand the rough spots.

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