Make A DIY Concrete Tray: Detailed Tutorial, Expert Tips

A detailed home decor tutorial for how to make a beautiful DIY concrete tray.

This process uses reverse casting to get a unique, smooth tray surface that looks professionally made.

Materials Needed:

– Handles – PVC casing – Foam insulation board – Dowel – Wood screws

Step 1. Cut Your Base Mold Piece

Use the retractable snap-off blade knife to cut the foam board to 18×12″.

Step 2. Cut Dowel Pieces

Use a hand or miter saw to cut the wood dowel into 4 pieces, each 2″ long. 

Next, cut the PVC molding to make the sides. You’ll need two pieces at 18″ and two at 13 ½”.

Step 3. Cut The Sides Of The Concrete Tray Mold

Lay a piece of acetate film on the table and the foam on top, then carefully trace around the base and cut it to size with scissors.

Step 4. Cut Acetate To Fit The Base

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