Make A DIY Potting Bench With Amazing Features

Here is a step-by-step potting bench tutorial (with free plans!) that will make your gardening experience a breeze!

– Pressure treated pine    boards – 2x4 boards – 1x4s – 1x6s – Exterior framing screws

Materials Needed:

Step 1. Sand All The Boards

Use an orbital sander to sand all your boards.

Step 2. Construct The Top And Bottom Frame

First, make the top frame. Use a framing square to line up two 19″ boards and two 46 ½” boards so they are flush.

Step 3. Attach The Legs To The Frames

Lay the two front legs onto your table spread 46 ½” apart (outside to outside), then place the bottom frame on top.

Loose lay your boards across the bottom frame. Some boards may be warped, so rearranging them or flipping them around may give you a better fit.

Step 4. Make The Bottom Bench Shelf

Screw in the 1x4s to the bottom frame to make the bottom bench shelf.

Step 5. Make The Potting Bench Countertop

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