Make a Mosaic Stepping Stone: Fun DIY Garden Art!

Looking for a little garden art to add some pizzazz to your yard? Or maybe you want to memorialize a pet? Well, a DIY mosaic stepping stone is perfect for doing both.

This is yet another concrete project that ended up being fabulously more fun than I expected, much like the concrete gnome girl.

How To Make A DIY Mosaic Stepping Stone Materials List

– Concrete mix – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup – Durable nitrile gloves – Safety glasses – Safety mask

How To Make A DIY Mosaic Stepping Stone Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Prep The Contact Paper

Trace the bottom, outside of the pan onto a piece of contact paper and cut the circle out.

Step 2. Create The Mosaic Stepping Stone Design

Separate the tiles into color groups. Create a mosaic pattern by laying the pieces into the pizza pan.

You can choose to fill the entire pan with mosaic tile pieces or leave it so that you have some negative space.

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