How To Make Concrete White (The Easy Way)

When it comes to cement crafts, white concrete is a popular choice. It is especially sought after in home decor items but can be difficult to find.

However, we are in luck because it is possible to make concrete white. In fact, it’s quite easy to do.

- Off-white cement - Mixing bowl - Disposable cup - Nitrile gloves

How To Make Concrete White Materials List

How To Make Your Concrete White Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Mix The Color Into The Dry Mix First, pour the off-white concrete mix into a bowl. Then add the white oxide powder.

Depending on the size item you are making, you’ll need to adjust, but the ratio should be similar. Once you have added the powdered oxide to the dry mix, blend it well.

Step 2. Add Water To The Dry Concrete Mix Add water to the dry mix. Get the mixture to the consistency your project requires. The consistency will be project-specific and unrelated to whether you have a pigment added.

If the mixture appears very white when wet, then your results should be the same when dry. Once it has dried, your finished product will be a true white!

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