Making Cement Crafts: Techniques & Tips

Have you been wanting to make cement crafts and are struggling with the first step? Or maybe you’ve done a few projects, but you still feel like there’s so much more to learn?

Whether you’ve been making things with cement for a while, or you are just beginning, this article will give you in-depth information on techniques and tips for making cement crafts.

Techniques For Mixing Cement/Concrete Craft Mixes

How Do You Mix Concrete For Crafts?

You mix concrete for crafts with a paint stick. Even crafts sticks can work for small batches of concrete mixing.

What Should The Cement Mix Consistency Be When Making Cement Crafts?

The mixture consistency will depend on what you are making and what type of cement or concrete you are working with.

Here is the terminology that I typically refer to when talking about the cement crafts mixture consistency needed for the tutorials.

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